VIDEO: ‘Experience of a lifetime’: Richmond Hill woman praises York police officer’s act of kindness

The two of them spent the next half-hour talking about their jobs, her a nurse, and him an officer, which Wells said are lines of work that go “hand-in-hand.” 

After they had finished their shovelling, Wells asked her if he could do anything else for her.

“She said no, so I told her to go enjoy a warm cup of tea,” Wells said. 

Chang said that she couldn’t because she had to salt the driveway. 

“You said there was nothing else,” Wells said, to which the both of them started laughing. 

After Wells helped Chang salt her driveway, she was off to work where she said she couldn’t stop telling her colleagues about the kind deed. 

“I just want the world to know,” Chang said. 

Wells was born in Grenada and grew up wanting to become a police officer. 

When he was 17 years old, his mother who lived in Canada called him asking if he would like to move to Canada. 

“I told her no, because I wanted to join the police force in Grenada,” Wells said. 

“Why don’t you become an officer in Canada?,” Wells said his mom asked him. 

It all hit Wells from there — that he would become a police officer in Canada. 

When he moved to Canada, his mother began to have second thoughts about him becoming a police officer because of how dangerous it was becoming. 

Wells worked with computers for an IT company for some years, but his heart was still with wanting to becoming a police officer. 

He left IT work and became a security guard for 10 years, and took criminology in college before joining YRP in 2016. 

“It’s my passion,” Wells said. 

Wells, the police constable with a gun and bulletproof vest who arrested an impaired driver off York Region roads, also used a snow shovel days before to show the community he serves what policing means to him. 

“It’s not all about arresting and catching the bad guys. It’s not about giving tickets to people. It’s about letting the public know we are here for you, to work with you.” 

Chang said that in her 32 years in Richmond Hill, she’s always known the “police force is here to protect us and take care of us,” but was especially reminded that day by Wells. 

“I’m happy that she’s happy,” Wells said. 

“This occupied my heart, my mind and my soul,” Chang said. “I just want everyone to know this was an experience of a lifetime.” 

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