Vehicle inspection returns to normality from 25 May

by Curlan Campbell

  • 18 to 22 May is the last week to take advantage of special motor vehicle inspection system
  • 2,533 vehicles passed inspection to date

The motoring public will have one more week, from 18–22 May, to take advantage of the special motor vehicle inspection system by the RGPF before it returns to normal operations.

The Traffic Department introduced the inspection system conducted at the Grenada National Stadium, in Gouyave and the Pearls Airstrip in St Andrew. These locations provided for much better social and physical distancing as the state was on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Inspector Randel Baptiste of the Traffic Department said that from Monday to Wednesday, vehicle inspections will be at Gate 6 at the National Stadium. On Thursday 21, vehicle inspections will be carried out at St Francis Street in Gouyave, and on Friday 22, at Pearls.

Since the start of the new arrangement for vehicle inspections, the Traffic Department has reported that 2,533 vehicles passed inspection: 1,572 at the National Stadium, 366 in Gouyave, 378 passed at Pearls, and 217 in Carriacou.

Inspector Baptiste clarified as it relates to vehicular registration and inspection particularly those motorists that qualify for exemption of the payment of late fees. Referring to the second period for inspection, he said vehicles that were due to be licensed by 31 March, those people are exempted from paying the late fee once their vehicle was inspected and licensed no later than 22 May 2020. “Vehicles that fall within that category of the 31st of March would have been vehicles with plural registration letters from 251 to 500 and vehicles with single lettering from 2501 to 5000.”

He added, “Vehicles that fall within that category for the third period will also be exempted from late fee once their vehicle was inspected and licensed no later than the 29th of May 2020 and I am speaking about vehicles with plural registration letters from 501 to 750 and vehicle with single lettering from 5001 to 7500,” he said.

Inspector Baptiste also reminded motorists that if vehicles were inspected before the expiry dates but the relevant fee was not paid then they will be required to pay the late fee.

The fourth and last period for vehicle registration, which should have commenced on 16 May, will now commence on the 19 May and expire on 30 June. That period will see registration of vehicles with plural letters from 751 to 999 and vehicles with single lettering 7501 to 9999.

Meanwhile, Officer in Charge of the Traffic Department of the RGPF, Superintendent Randy Connaught, announced that a special lane for vehicle inspection will be allocated for senior citizens that are 65 and above.

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