The time when technology was appreciated

by Kerrisha Nelson

First and foremost, I commend the educational institutions in Grenada for making the bold move to incorporate technology in teaching and learning as an answer to continue education out of the classroom during Covid-19.

I remember being an end user to a Learning Management System (LMS). I consider it to be an amazing opportunity to utilise the technology in my teaching. I excitedly include the crossword puzzle as a form of review of terms from the topic. Me being a new educator, the LMS has created a mode for me to explore how I can incorporate it in my teaching while promoting learning. This article explores the use of technology in education in Grenada during the time of Covid-19 from an observer point of view.

Technology as the answer

Technology should complement teaching and learning. The idea for it to replace teaching is highly impossible. I think the mindset of its previous use should be changed. As a result of Covid-19, most persons in Grenada probably received a “force” to embrace technology in teaching and learning.

Not only schools should embrace technology as a companion resource to teaching and learning but training centres, personal development forums and other forms of further education should grab on to it as well. It does not have to be on a large scale but as long as it supports the teaching and learning needs.

Like anything else in this world, there is a cost to using effective and efficient technology in education. Therefore, I will not point fingers to promote the idea of Grenada should have embraced technology in education a long time ago. I will say this though, a little of its use would have made a remarkable difference now. The relevant stakeholders are utilising technology as the answer for providing education during the pandemic.

Downfall of promoting technology in education

If technology has been widely embraced before Covid-19, educators and learners would have been at a point of fully endorsing the use of it. In my opinion, Grenada is experimenting with futuristic educational tools that should have already been in place before Covid-19.

The recommendations

Now, clearly, I have been addressing the fact that as a result of Covid-19, technology is now positively seen as a helpful tool in 21st Century Teaching and Learning. I will now give my recommendations on the way forward to continue its use in education. They are as follows:

Educators should be effectively trained to use technology in and outside the classroom. Frequent use of the technological tools will promote confidence in the ability and performance of educators and learners.

Ensure that technology should not ever be used again as a result of a local, regional and/or global issue. Instead it is used because the mindset of stakeholders is geared towards complementing technological tools in teaching and learning.

Promotion of technology in education should be an ongoing regime to help get rid of the mindset that using technology is a bad idea. For instance, videos and pictures of educators and learners utilising technology should be shared with local and Caribbean media.

The conclusion

I conclude by saying that technology is a futuristic tool. Sometimes you do not see its use until the situation arises when you must comply with it. Therefore, let us get on board with the future.

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