“The Blacks” Part 2: Caribbean Renaissance

by Perry Douglas

For the Caribbean people, violence is obviously not required nor necessary. What is actually necessary is full consciousness, to the reality of one’s own socioeconomic, political existence. 

In reality, the plantation, colonial legacy white supremacy culture of the past, still resonates strongly today and underpins much of Bajan culture, as an example. The Blacks in Barbados must demand that their political leaders use their existing institutions, to foster in the decentralisation of economic power, out of the hands of this tiny white minority, to the hands of the black majority. Leaders have to strengthen their spines and stand up to the white planter and neocolonialism-aristocracy ruling class, which remains strong. By deliberately creating a Caribbean-centric growth policy that precipitates and moves the economic interests, of the majority population to the forefront.

For Barbados right NOW, and the rest of the Caribbean! The forces of change must push black leaders, who have traditionally stood still. I.e. push towards dismantling the ridiculous unwritten colonial agreements between black and white Bajan elites. That effectively puts all the economic power and opportunity in the hands of whites, by black politicians shamefully complicity with their impotent political office. In exchange for consistent campaign contributions to advance and sustain their fake powers, and phony status. Everybody knows the deal in Barbados. Why do you think white Bajans always remain politically ‘neutral’ in Barbados, and contribute to both parties? It’s because those political leaders are effectively bound by ‘their deal.’ Black Bajans have been beaten into mental submission, accepting with a bewildered smile, confused and unable to think clearly nor understand. According to the University of the West Indies Vice-Chancellor, Sir Hilary Beckles, Bajans have been complicit with their own suppression: “The Barbados society in its current structure is not sustainable. There is, in Barbados, a division of labour which says that the black community will occupy and control the politics and the white elite will control the economy.”  

To drive real change, a new Black Renaissance thinking methodology driven by scientific data decisioning, followed up by fearless implementation and actions, is the push. Push to genuinely open up “The System” giving access directly through those very institutions of power, that whites in the Caribbean continue to control from behind the scenes. It has been 400 years, time to get OUR act together. In other words, when the mind becomes free, of the BIG LIE of white supremacy culture, the path will become clear. So, real actions and foreign investments are required, directly into the black populations of the regions. Caribbean states can systematically get this done, and if those leaders claim they ‘don’t know how,’ they can examine the last 400 years of their history to see how their oppressors did it. No more intellectual dishonesty and excuses. Time to level the playing field for black people. 

Famous Chinese General Sun Tzu, in his writings, wrote about great leadership. “The good fighters” fight old systems by using new methods and technologies, and most importantly focus on putting their societies first, “beyond the possibility of defeat, and then waited for an opportunity” to achieve victory. 

Driving technology to prosperity 

Throughout history, technology-driven economic investment, and infrastructure development has driven civilisations to prosperity, always! History also shows, through evidence and analysis that those nations that have deliberately focused on facilitating technology-led growth, particularly in the era of the Industrial Revolution, went on to forge empires, i.e. Britain and the industrial revolution. Today, the world is at another historical inflection point, which can change the directional curvature of prosperity for the Caribbean. A technological turning point! The opportunity can’t be missed. Decisions taken today will influence our societies for the next hundred years. It is imperative that leaders learn from history and understand how real wealth and power are actually created. And stop relying on the Eurocentric, disingenuous, and self-interest “donkey mess” they’ve been feeding them.

The white man’s power playbook has been a source of winning for them for 400 years. Don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, we should stop listening to them? Nonetheless, socioeconomic history also tells us that we must also resist the intuitive nature of our human condition, towards decisioning. Think and focus logically, find the data-driven solutions, and put emotions aside. Playing the long game is critical to success, and intelligence gathering is central to good outcomes. Such new thinking can be the genesis of the renaissance of “Black Privilege.”

To that end, we must resist the urge for instant gratification, and like all successful, great investors before us, think long term; accept that we may not see the fruits of our thinking in our lifetime. Accordingly, we must be mindfully aware of the critical junctures at present and not get ‘carried away’ with emotional and reactive actions in the face of current events. Figure out how to methodically get things done instead. Deliberate and proactive thinking based on facts, not emotion, followed by well-supported actions, is the optimal way forward. We must rely on the utilisation of evidence and information, based on rigorous data analysis to guide our decision-making process. Examine the other historical-critical junctures in history and review those actions that led to different outcomes. This knowledge at the least will help you to avoid the major potholes in the road, and quickly identify the most doable opportunities instead. No doubt, we can bend our curve in the entangled universe.

Focused state-led investment and facilitation in technology infrastructure/architecture to increased efficiencies and productivity, will increase a nation’s profits, grow its standard of living through a highly skilled tech-savvy middle-class. Much like what occurred with the 4 Asian Tigers: Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea. And of course, Botswana, which after independence did everything opposite to most of the African and Caribbean states during the independence period, that followed Eurocentric development strategies. This is why Botswana, under the leadership of the late Prime Minister, Seretse Khama, moved his country from the second poorest country in the world, in the early 1960s, into one of the most exceptionally performing economies in history; on all the indicators. Look it up those facts speak for themselves. 

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