Still No Charge in Boca Murder

Almost two weeks after the brutal murder of a Boca resident whose bullet-riddled body was discovered lying in a pool of blood close to the New Testament Church in the village of Boca last Wednesday, law enforcement officers are yet to charge anyone in connection with the crime.

 According to information reaching the Grenada Informer, while a full investigation has been ongoing, evidence linking anyone to the death of Kimron Charles has been for the most part tenuous and lacks the necessary clout that could withstand serious scrutiny in a court of law.

 Shortly after Charles’ murder, the Public Relations Arm of the Royal Grenada Police Force confirmed that three men were assisting the police in their investigation, however, this newspaper was subsequently informed on Tuesday that all three individuals had been released pending further investigations into the matter by the men in uniform.

Charles’ death occurred at a time when the entire country was under a twenty-four-hour lockdown imposed by the Government to curb the spread of the deadly global COVID-19 pandemic. Given the restrictions in movement, sources said, the chance of someone having seen what transpired or having knowledge of what led to the killing was very unlikely, and this we were told could pose a  serious challenge for law enforcement in solving this puzzle.

   The Informer’s news desk also learned that a number of persons in the village admitted hearing gunshots in the early hours of Wednesday morning, however, given that the lockdown was in effect we were told, no one took the chance to venture out of their house to inquire what was happening. 

 Meanwhile, claims surfacing on social media shortly after the body was discovered suggested that the police was responsible for the killing, this was however quickly refuted by Head of the Public Relations Department of the Force Vannie Curwen, who denied police involvement and gave the assurance that the police was doing all in their power to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.

 As the Charles family wait on the police to ascertain their next course of action, Informer was told that law enforcement officers are following a number of credible leads that could assist them in solving what they dubbed another puzzle. Inside sources also told this newspaper that one of those links, believed to be connected to one of the men that were interrogated by the police is reluctant to speak to the police for fear that their own life could be in danger.

With shaky grounds on which to stand, sources said police are now exploring every possibility, one of which hinted that Charles was allegedly involved in a heated confrontation with another villager earlier that night.  Additionally, it was said that later into the night, Charles was among a group of young men who assembled in their usual spot socializing when things got out of control.

The informer was told that when discovered in the early hours of Wednesday morning, Charles had a number of gunshot wounds to various parts of his body.

Charles was one of three men charged in connection with the 2015 murder of St George’s businessman Leslie Isaacs, aka Dutty Cup, during a gambling expedition at the St George’s Market Square. He was acquitted after fellow accused Darren Maitland accepted full responsibility for the killing. His death last Wednesday brought to seven the number of homicides to hit Grenada in the first four months of the year.

Meanwhile, one person was detained but later released pending further investigation into the social media post last week featuring a video of one masked man blaming the police for the Boca shooting and vowing retaliation against the police and the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dr Keith Mitchell.

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