Should you get infected: “Give yourself a fighting chance”

A proponent of eating locally grown foods, Executive Secretary of the Grenada Food & Nutrition Council (GFNC) gave numerous benefits of fruits, vegetables and provisions grown in Grenada that can help boost the immune system, namely Vitamins A, B, C, D and E; plus minerals such as iron, zinc, selenium and copper; and to get 30 minutes of sunshine a day.

Recently featured on Central Health–Grenada’s online series entitled, “COVID-19 & Those Most At Risk,” Lydia Browne encouraged all citizens of Grenada to choose healthy food options, especially locally grown. “If you know you have not been eating in accordance with what we have been advising all these years, then you know it is important for you to at least start putting some of these vital nutrients into your body. At least give yourself a fighting chance, should you get infected.”

As the majority continue to comply with the Government of Grenada’s regulations, while we fight to prevent Covid-19 from spreading, citizens must remain confined to their places of residence and yards, except on shopping days. However, in addition to eating healthy locally grown foods, GFNC also recommends that we get some sunshine, either directly, by sitting in the sun, through starting a kitchen garden or doing yard work, daily. “Going outside and working in the garden, and doing some yard work is going to be so important even beyond just growing something. When you are taking care of a garden, you are being physically active, and that is also important, at this time. So, you are getting the physical activity and then you are getting an addition again, you are getting the sunshine.”

Regarding life prior to Covid-19, the Executive Secretary went on to say that many were not getting enough exposure to sunshine, “We think we live in the sun, our Vitamin D is covered – but how many of us spend 30 minutes in the sun every day? We spend most of our time indoors, in air condition, and by the time we leave work in the afternoon the sun is about to go down, or we get into our vehicle, and so we are really not getting that sunshine.”

Central Health–Grenada

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