Security Guard Thanks The GBSS For Appreciation Shown

Security guard Mr. Andrew John, who worked at the Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS) for an extended period, has expressed appreciation to the principal, staff & students for the love they showed him during the eleven years he worked at the institution.

John who is employed with the Grenada Security Services was assigned at the GBSS from 2008- 2019. He told this paper that he felt he had had enough at GBSS because of his age and expresses deep gratitude to the entire staff of the school for having love in their hearts and appreciation for the work he put out in on a daily basis. 

“My past eleven years at the GBSS were very rough ones. It was an experience that I can described as ‘being burnt with fire without screaming, or being in the jaws of a shark without being eaten’. I say all these things because in an all-boys school there are lots of my ups and downs. Some of the students were quite a challenge but during my service there I was able to overcome all the challenges by the grace of God”, he stated

Mr John added that the challenges he faced on a daily basis allowed him the become a stronger and braver individual stating that the words sometimes uttered to him by some of the students and sometimes even parents weren’t very pleasant. Sometimes they could be embarrassing, disrespectful, insulting to name a few.

According to Mr John, apart from the challenges, there was a sense of unity among him, the entire staff and some students as special bonds were built. 

“My job at GBSS, he continued, “was to ensure that the students were secure and that they remained in school from the start until it ended”. He however encountered challenges at the gate with some students wanting to leave the school’s compound to seek their own choice of eats or drink although there were several booths on the school compound. Some of the excuses were that they don’t enjoy what were sold at the school or that it was too expensive.

Some students he indicated, got the go ahead to leave the school compound from teachers, vice – principal or principal but others wanted to leave without any authority and that’s when they became absolutely disrespectful towards him. 

On the brighter side of things he said, some of the better-behaved students at times assisted him in conducting his work. He is very appreciative of them for this.

On retiring from the school as their security guard after his years of service there Mr John was presented with two plaques of appreciation by the principal Mr. Phillip Thomas, which he said came as a surprise since wasn’t really expecting anything. He said he had given his all by going over and above the call of duty to ensure that everyone at GBSS was secure.

 Mr John expressed thanks to God for ensuring that over the years he was employed at the school there was major no conflict.

According to him security guards in Grenada are very important to all businesses, be it private or public but society doesn’t always view them in that light but more or less as “garbage”. He believes this may be partly so because some security guards wear the uniform for other reasons. 

Mr John said he was employed as a construction worker in the past but his time as a security guard has improved his standard of living by enabling him to sustain his family. He extended praise to Glynnis Roberts et al for increasing the minimum wage for security guards during the NDC administration.

He also worked with the American Embassy for over 21 years as a security supervisor and never received the appreciation he has received from the GBSS.

Mr. John, still employed with the Grenada Security Services, is presently based at Banks, Supermarket in the Grand Anse area as a security guard. 

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