River Road Man Charged In Connection With His Stepmother’s Killing

 A forty-year-old man from the village of River Road in St George’s has been charged in connection with the brutal killing of his stepmother whose body was discovered by her son inside a barrel on the ground floor of her home last Thursday.

The accused, Keith Pierre alias Boyo who was officially charged over the weekend with non-capital murder making him the lone suspect in the death of the sixty-five-year-old River Road businesswoman Patricia Honore alias Patsy, made his first court appearance before Acting Chief Magistrate Teddy St. Louis, at the St George’s Magistrate Court on Tuesday.

Pierre was not required to plead, given that the charge against him is indictable, he was however remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison and is due to make his second court appearance on February 24th 2020.

 Meanwhile, as villages continue to grapple with the shocking news and loss of the popular businesswoman, what led to her death remains anyone’s guess. One villager told the Grenada Informer, “I just can’t imagine what could have driven the boy to do a thing like that, I’m just convinced that he is sick for true.” 

  Sources told our news desk it is believed that the issue surrounded property entitlement and who had ownership of the house left behind by Honore’s husband, a former fisherman who died years ago.

 One villager said although Pierre lived on the ground floor of the two-story building, he is often heard saying that his father left the house for him and people are doing what they want in it.

Last Friday we were told, Honore made her usual trip to the market, however, sources said she was last seen alive by villagers on her return home just before 2 pm. 

 Informer was told, finding it strange that his mother was not at home, her son began searching inside of the house, however, getting to the base of the house, he came upon a barrel and out of curiosity looked to see what was inside and there he got the shock of his life, his mother’s lifeless body stuffed to the bottom of the barrel.

Sources said villagers rushed to the scene shortly after as the alarm raised by the young man echoed throughout the village. The police were subsequently called in. The cause of death we were told, was linked to strangulation, as it relates to why the body was placed inside a barrel could be anyone’s guess.

  Pierre was captured days later in the parish of St. Patrick’s by officers attached to the St Patrick’s Police Station. 

 During his brief stint in court on Tuesday Pierre was legally assisted by defence counsel Jerry Edwin. Now up against a life sentence, if found guilty, Pierre would remain behind bars until his next court date on Feb 24th 2020.

 Honore’s death was the third homicide recorded in Grenada for the first month of the year 2020.

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