RGPF Calls For Public Support In The Fight Against Crime

The Royal Grenada Police Forces have renewed the call for public support in the fight against crime in Grenada.

Addressing members of the media during a media briefing on Wednesday at Police Headquarters in St Georges, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Superintendent Earl Dunbar called on the public to work with the police in the fight to reduce crime in Grenada, 

 Dunbar told the media that although 2019 recorded a 9 % reduction in harm offences, it is still a cause for concern among members of the RGPF, and urged Grenadians to avoid waiting until they become victims to report criminal offences.

The high ranked police officer noted that Grenadians should embrace the concept that seeks to make crime-fighting everybody’s business. He added that most the harm offence committed in Grenada including sixteen homicides for the years was inflicted by the use of offensive weapons; this he said is cause for grave concern and must be addressed with some urgency.

 Dunbar said given the present trend and the seeming inability on the part of young people to resolve conflict, the RGPF would be taking a zero-tolerance approach to offensive weapons in 2020. He, therefore, called on the general public to join the police in that fight and help maintain a safe Grenada.  According to Dunbar, one should not wait until something happens, to alert the police, every suspected act, he said should be reported. He assured the public that every reported case would be treated with seriousness and would be dealt with accordingly.

 Meanwhile, responding to what may have contributed to the increase in the number of homicide cases in Grenada in 2019, Dunbar said it is a simple case of young people being no longer willing to resort to dialogue to resolve conflicts.

Weighing in on the matter, Assistant Commissioner of Police Jesmon Prince called on young people to think before acting, he noted that attempting to prove that one is stronger by resorting to violence is never the best option. Prince called on Grenadians to cultivate this new approach, walk away and live rather than committing offences to prove to others that one is big and bad or even mindful of what people might say.

 Price said history would record that people who walk away can still be a father figure, a powerful leader in society. 

While this may seem difficult at times Prince said walking is still the better thing to do.

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