Return to the UK – Grenada travel advice

Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport is currently closed to commercial flights. It is likely to re-open first week of June to regional flights only.

UK special flights

From 3 June, the UK is planning to  operate special flights from  Barbados to the UK.  Local ‘sweeper ’ flights will connect British travellers in  Antigua and Barbuda,  the British Virgin Islands,  Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Grenada,  Montserrat, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,  and Trinidad and Tobago  to Barbados. 

The flight cost is £600 per person, regardless of where your journey begins. 

These flights are for:

  • British travellers, normally resident in the UK
  • dependants  travelling with a British traveller 

Vulnerable British travellers  will be prioritised.  For these flights, you may be vulnerable if, for example, you are located in more remote or at risk areas, over the age of 70, have serious underlying medical conditions, or are travelling with children.  Remaining seats  will be allocated on a first come, first served basis to British travellers and their direct dependants.

Vulnerable non-British UK residents with Indefinite Leave to Remain, and other foreign nationals, may be accommodated  if there is sufficient capacity. 

Your eligibility will be checked before your tickets are issued. 

How to book

CTM is working on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to manage special flight bookings.

If you have already expressed your interest in returning home on a government-chartered flight and are eligible to do so, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will contact you by email by Tuesday 26 May with instructions on how to book a ticket.  Booking will be staggered by country. You should not attempt to book until you receive the link to the portal from the British High Commission.

Passengers will not be able to choose which flight they will travel  on. You  will be allocated a place based on your location and personal circumstances.  You  will be told  your flight date and time once your booking is confirmed.

If you are eligible to travel  and have not already expressed your interest,  you should  contact the  British High  Commission as soon as possible, by emailing

Tickets will not be on sale at the airport. Do not travel to the airport without a confirmed ticket.

You may find it helpful to read our  guide to eligibility and the booking process for special charter flights.

Financial support for a flight

If you have exhausted all other options available to you for getting funds, you may be eligible to apply for an emergency loan from the government to cover the cost of the ticket.  

You would need to repay the loan when you are back in the UK.

Our partner  CTM is also authorised to administer such loans on behalf of the  FCO and details will be available when you  are asked to pay.

Travel to the airport

Buses and taxis have not yet been approved for transporting the public in Grenada. You will need to book a taxi or bus to Maurice Bishop International Airport from a company which has been approved by the police. You will receive information with your booking confirmation about which taxi companies are approved. You will need to wear a face mask and adhere to social distancing while travelling.

A special UK Government chartered ferry will be available to bring passengers over from Carriacou. Exact details will be sent to passengers at the time of booking.

Your journey home

The National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) provides advice on how to stay safe as you travel by air.

When you arrive back in the UK, follow the guidance for when you return to the UK on steps you should take to protect yourself and others.

Future travel options

The online form for British nationals to register their interest in a chartered flight from Grenada to the UK has now closed. The British High Commission will contact those who have registered their interest to return to the UK, and update this travel advice as soon as information is available.

You will need to pay for your return travel to the UK. If departure options are available but you cannot afford the travel costs and have exhausted all other options for getting funds, you may be eligible to apply for an emergency loan from the government. This is a last resort option and you would need to repay the loan when you are back in the UK. For more information, you should contact Corporate Travel Management (CTM). CTM are a commercial partner of the FCO and are authorised to administer such loans on behalf of the FCO.

Sign up for travel advice email alerts and monitor the following social media platforms for further information on departure options:

Help and support

If you need urgent consular assistance, you can contact the British High Commission on 1246 430 7800.

The High Commission cannot provide further information or advice about departure options over the phone. This page will be updated when departure options become available. To get the latest information sign up for travel advice email alerts

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