Replacement of Voter’s Id Cards Going Smoothly

The process of replacing the now expired National Identification cards is proceeding quite smoothly. 

In an interview with the Grenada Informer, Parliamentary Elections Officer Mr Ferdinand Phillip reminded persons that have not done so as yet to visit their respective parliamentary election office to apply for their ID cards and walk with either their valid official birth certificate (which has a seal or stamp) or a valid passport.

 Philip further reminded that persons wishing to effect a transfer from one constituency to another should simply visit the constituency office in the constituency where they now live and apply for the replacement ID card. 

 “All replacement of ID cards are done free of cost to the registered persons, however for persons to get their new voter’s ID cards, they must walk with their expired ID card, it’s important to note also that registration continues for new persons as normal”, he said

Mr Phillip indicated that in the St. David Parish, a second and temporary office is now in operation at Perdmontemps downstairs the Communal Cooperative Credit Union building.

Persons wishing to upgrade their registration status, for example, a name change must provide supporting documents for the request to be effective.

As an example, a woman who is married and wishes to carry their husband’s surname must provide the original marriage certificate as evidence.

As the Parliamentary Elections Office explained previously, all voter ID cards expired on January 31st 2020, hence all registered persons, though will not be removed from the list are required to have their expired voter ID card replaced. These cards will now have a ten-year life span, starting from the date of issue.

 The Parliamentary Elections Officer reminded that persons could also access the office at its website, there, persons can check the registration status of any person on the electors’ list either by name and surname or by registration number as well access several pieces of vital information.

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