Prime Minister Commends Health Ministry And Airport Staff For Proactive Approach To Threat Of Coronavirus

Prime Minister and Minister for National
Security, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell, has commended the proactive
approach being taken by the Ministry of Health and the Grenada Airports
Authority to help ensure that the threat of the Coronavirus does not penetrate
our borders.

In his Independence Day Address, the Prime Minister
noted that the ease of travel and travel and the general interconnected nature
of today’s world have made it easier for emerging health threats, such as this
Coronavirus to affect different parts of the world.

Noting that the spread of the virus has now
become a global health emergency, the Prime Minister praised the relevant local
authorities for the actions being taken and their ongoing collaboration with
international organisations.

Dr. Mitchell said, “Here in Grenada, Government
has taken decisive action to help prevent this disease from penetrating our
borders and affecting our people. The Ministry of Health and the Grenada
Airports Authority have fully activated their response protocols and all
persons arriving at our ports of entry are appropriately screened. I must
commend personnel from both the Ministry of Health and the Grenada Airports
Authority, who are at the frontline, ensuring that we do all in our power to
prevent the potential spread of this health threat.”

The Prime Minister also acknowledged the
valiant efforts being made by the President and Government of the People’s
Republic of China to mitigate the spread of the virus and he underscored the
importance of countries working together to address the situation.

Dr. Mitchell said, “While we recognise that the
epicenter of the outbreak has been identified, we should refrain from making a
country, the pariah. Remember sisters and brothers, all countries face
challenges at some point, whether it is the impact of a hurricane as we experienced
with Ivan in 2004 or the current health threat in China. What is more important
is our willingness to stand in solidarity with each other when these challenges
arise and seek solutions together.”

In his speech, Dr. Mitchell also addressed the irresponsible
actions of persons who use false information to create panic, fear and distrust
among Grenadians.

Addressing the crowd gathered for the
Independence Day Celebrations, Dr. Mitchell said, “By making irresponsible
statements that have implications for the health of the nation’s people, these
persons are playing on the emotions of a population that is already concerned
about their own vulnerability. They are arbitrarily fueling fears about our own
mortality and they are creating unnecessary doubt where there should be
absolute clarity.”

Dr. Mitchell further stated, “These are not the
actions of nation-builders, these are the actions of persons who seek to
cultivate division where there should be unity, and mistrust where there should
confidence. Let us seek to build rather than destroy. It is well known that it
takes a lot to build but a few to destroy. Some of us spend all our time trying
to destroy others but we offer little or no advice on how to build. Let us
choose today to pursue unity of purpose.”

The Prime Minister said togetherness is the
conduit through which we will build Grenada and he referenced the words of the
national anthem as he called on Grenadians to “join our heads, hearts and hands
in unity to reach our destiny and to use faith and courage to aspire, build,

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