PM Mitchell: No imminent shortage of food

by Linda Straker

  • Call for citizens to stop behaving as if every shopping day is last day for food to be available
  • New measures include immediate self-quarantine or isolation of all persons arriving from 9 March
  • Fixed penalty for those who violate curfew regulation

Prime Minister, Dr Keith Mitchell, has given the assurance that Grenada is not facing an imminent food shortage and has called on citizens to stop behaving as if every shopping day is the last day for food to be available.

“From the standpoint of our suppliers, our grocery store owners and the Ministry of Agriculture, we are not facing an imminent shortage of food,” he said a news conference on Monday as he spoke to the nation about the ongoing work of the Covid-19 Response Committee.

“I get the impression that some of us believe that this is the last day to get some items, so I really urge you not to behave as if this is the last day that food will be available. From all reports there is enough supply out there if we all are disciplined enough to get it when we need it,” he said in his opening statement.

Speaking about the section of the regulations which mandates that shop owners must make provision to ensure the 6 feet social or physical distancing is applied on designated shopping days, Dr Mitchell who is also the Minister for National Security, expressed his unhappiness that such action must be legally enforced. “It is no comfort to me and members of your government to watch you in long lines at supermarkets. It is painful for me and for those of us in government.”

He said that based on current health protocols there is no perfect solution to the Covid-19 pandemic that has infected more than a million worldwide and cause the death of thousands. “We will continue to explore best practice with one goal, to keep the people of this nation safe,” he said while informing the nation on the new regulations which provide for another phase of 24-hour mandatory curfew effective 6-20 April 2020.

Like the two previous regulations, citizens who are not in the essential workers category must confine themselves to their homes. New measures include the immediate self-quarantine or isolation of all persons arriving on the island from 9 March, and the charging of fixed penalty for those who violate the curfew regulation.

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