Pixel Perfect Apps wins 3rd place in UNDP’s Covid-19 Island Hack Prototype Challenge

Grenadian company Pixel Perfect Apps (PPA) has secured a winning spot with their entry “noWait” in the United Nations Development Programme Covid-19 Island Hack Prototype Challenge.

Pixel Perfect Apps, Grenada’s premier mobile app development company secured the 3rd spot in the competition with their submission of an app called noWait. This app attempts to provide a solution to the scheduling problem and the long lines at the various vendor institutions. The utility of this app is further validated by the new requirements imposed by the government concerning reopening of the service industries and other places of gathering.

Covid-19 is an unprecedented global crisis with numerous implications. In addition to compromised health, this pandemic presents vast socio-economic issues, many of which disproportionately impact developing countries where income losses are predicted to reach at least US$220 billion. In the Eastern Caribbean, immediate effects are being felt among communities reliant on tourism, food structures dependent on imports and Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) now struggling to cope with business closures and declining revenue streams. With island states on lockdown, increased self-isolation measures in place and international flight suspensions, there will be more repercussions to come that compromise livelihoods, particularly among the informal sector.

Now more than ever, innovation is needed in order to identify disruptive responses to the complex problems the Eastern Caribbean faces due to Covid-19. How can systems be reimagined? How can we look at traditional models in new ways? How can the digital tools at our disposal lead to relevant breakthroughs? In doing so, we can help ensure a safer and stronger future, leaving no person behind. With this in mind, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) started an initiative to help stimulate the economy. They called it the “UNDP’s Eastern Caribbean #IslandHack prototype challenge, which ran from 12-28 May.

Sheldon Lewis, technical lead for the project remarked that “We at Pixel Perfect Apps feel privileged to have been awarded this opportunity to effect meaningful improvements to the everyday lives of Grenadians, as well as in the rest of the region.” He also stated, “We really do believe that life is meant to be spent living, not waiting (in a line somewhere).”

PPA is a fully Grenadian team of User Interface (UI) designers, mobile app and full-stack developers with years of experience measured by many successfully completed projects. They develop mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as mobile web browsers.


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