Perdmontemps Man Angry Over Loss Of His Breadfruit Trees

A Perdmontemps, St. David’s man thinks that workers deployed by government to execute certain tasks should be better prepared and more competent at what they are assigned to do.

Former heavy government machinery operator for 16years, Winston Stephen is deeply upset that a group of debushers deployed by Government cut down two productive breadfruit trees on his property without consulting him.

Stephen visited the office of the Grenada Informer on February 13 after going to the relevant ministry to make known his disapproval of the workers’ action.

Stephen said on Thursday February 13, some workers attached to the debushing programme came to his home in Perdmontemps and indicated that they had come to cut down some bamboo growing close to a sharp corner that they claimed was obstructing the view of motorists and causing accidents.

Stephen said as far as he knows motorists are supposed to exercise caution when going around corners and if they choose to race around a corner then they cannot blame anyone or anything for whatever accident they get into. 

However, he gave the worker permission to cut down the bamboo but told them he would trim the breadfruit trees himself. He then left them to their work but when he returned, to his horror he realized that they had chopped down his two breadfruit trees. When he questioned them about it they said a man across the road told them to cut the trees down.

After working with the Government of Grenada for 16 years as a grader operator, Stephen has mostly been doing agriculture to support himself and his family, (wife and four sons). He cultivates a plot close to his house and is a registered farmer. In addition, over the years he has spent countless hours cleaning and beautifying the roadsides close to his home and planting flowers, all on a voluntary basis.

The breadfruit trees, he said are part of his farming efforts. He and his family love to eat breadfruits but he also sells some from time to time. He cannot understand how the workers could see fertile breadfruit trees, (they were throwing flowers at the time) and cut them down.

He added that despite his volunteer efforts to keep the area beautiful, there are certain people in the neighbourhood that for whatever reasons have issues with him, which could have led to them urging the workers to cut down the breadfruit trees. Stephen has reported the issue to the ministry responsible and is hoping that in future those in authority would ensure that debushers are properly supervised by people who know what they are about and homeowners’ property would be protected.  


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