Over 60 Students Awarded Scholarships

Over 60 Grenadian students were awarded scholarships on Thursday to study at the St. George’s University in areas of medicine, pre-med, nursing, arts and science and veterinary medicine. 

The scholarships are made available by the Government of Grenada through the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the St. George’s University with the aim of assisting secondary and tertiary students with expenses.    

Additionally The Grenada Huston Association provided eight secondary students from different parishes on the island with financial support to assist in the attainment of their educational goals. 

Associate Dean of Students at SGU, Tarlisha Noel in her brief remarks said, SGU treasures its partnership with the Government of Grenada by having supported the development of the human resource capital of the country for 43 years.     

She reminded the scholarship recipients that as they initiate their academic journey at SGU, they should value their scholarship opportunity. She advised them to set short term, mid-range and long-term goals for their academic and career journey, warning them that challenges will come to disturb them from their goals but they have to remain resolute.

She urged the students to remain motivated to achieve their goals at SGU and to allow their passion and enthusiasm to propel them, to be doers and not dreamers, to not hold back and work wholeheartedly; give 100% and invest their whole heart into the experience. She also encouraged them to engage with local and foreign classmates, lecturers, student organizations, research opportunities, conferences, internships and volunteer opportunities provided through SGU. 

Minister responsible for Tertiary Education Pamela Moses described the scholarship award ceremony as being centered on the word opportunity. A significant part of the government’s mandate she said, is to ensure continued growth and development of the country; but this can only take place in the presence of suitable educational opportunities, therefore the government has looked into areas that are critical to sustainable development, and it must be supported by a well educated and trained labor force. 

The strategic focus of the National Sustainable Development Plan 2020-2035, the minister related, is centered on three sustainable development pillars; society, the economy and the environment. The three expected outcomes are high human and social development, a vibrant and dynamic but competitive economy with supporting climate and disaster resilient in infrastructure and environmental sustainability and security. 

The Government of Grenada along with their educational stakeholders continually strive to improve and increase the pool of scholarships available to the people. 

Recently, Min Moses added, the Government of Grenada in partnership with SGU added 19 additional scholarships in the areas of arts and sciences, five in the area of medicine and two in the field of veterinary medicine for the January 2020 semester. 

The number of scholarships for nursing has been increased from 10 to 12, she pointed out and the government is pleased to announce that the level of degree offered at SGU has been ungraded from associate degree to a bachelor’s degree in nursing. 

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