On-Island COVID-19 Testing Proving Successful

Grenada’s ability to now conduct Covid-19 tests on island has facilitated forty-seven new tests being conducted in the last couple of days.

In a televised and internet-broadcast press conference on Thursday, Minister for Health Nickolas Steele said results of those tests were expected overnight and by Friday the nation would have been informed on the results. The minister pointed out that the 47 tests represent more than have been conducted in the last three weeks and that is a definite benefit of being able to conduct tests in Grenada.

He pointed out, the individuals that were tested involve persons that had been in contact with one or more of the 12 confirmed cases and some had demonstrated certain symptoms.

In addition, Minister Steele pointed out, most if not all of the previously tested persons have completed their 14-day quarantine. However, of the persons that tested positive, one more has the been added to the two whose symptoms proved serious enough to require hospitalization. In that regard, three persons are now hospitalized with Covid-19 and they are warded in a 10-bed special isolation unit at the General Hospital. The minister also assured that the personnel, utensils, linen and other items used at the special isolation unit are firmly restricted to that unit. In fact, he said, the medical professionals working in that department are not even allowed to go home when they are not on duty.

The minister reiterated that the rigorous restrictions imposed by Government is to ensure that the number of positive cases remain under control and the Covid-19 status quo is maintained.

Acting Commissioner of Police, Edvin Martin said from his vantage point, compliance with the curfew measures is increasing. He said overnight on Wednesday, only to arrests were made in regard to curfew violations. That represents to lowest number so far and it means that people are cooperating, he said.

In addition, only two crimes were reported over the same period.

C.O.P. Martin also informed the nation of the activation of cabinet-approved Central Coordinating Mechanism now based at NaDMA headquarters that will coordinate every aspect operation related to planning and execution of strategy and operations to stifle the spread of Covid-19.

The team of officials, which also included Covid-19 Response Coordinator, Dr. George Mitchell, was enthusiastic in the thanks to members of the corporate community that have been providing valuable assistance to the police and other frontline workers.

They also thanked all individuals and organisations that have been assisting in any way and especially members of the public for their understanding and cooperation.


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