No Nutmeg Bonus This Year

It’s confirmed that there’ll be no nutmeg bonus this year.

That’s according to chairman of the Grenada Co-operative Nutmeg Association (GCNA), Leo Cato.

Cato was at the time addressing farmers at the GCNA’s 129th Annual General Meeting yesterday.

He warned that in going forward it will not be business as usual for the organization and that adding value will be the new thrust in 2020 and beyond.

The GCNA Chairman gave an insight of the new products to the farmers.

They comprise Nutmeg Pickle, Nutcrete, Nutmoss, Coloured Nutmeg Mulch, Nutmeg Incense, Nutmeg Hot sauce, Nutmeg-blended tea and Nutmeg Seasoning.

Cato says all have potential to dominate both local and international markets.

He says this can be accomplished through investments, planning and working with the right stakeholders.

These incentives, as Cato outlined, will take away the pressure felt by farmers, when fluctuations exists on the market.

In this regard, he says the GCNA would no longer have to depend on the sale of raw nutmeg to generate income and revenue.

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