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The National Democratic Congress expresses sympathy and support to the Government and People of the People’s Republic of China as they grapple with the outbreak of the coronavirus.

We are especially concerned about the safety of Grenadian students studying in China, particularly any of our students in Wuhan Province, the epicentre of the outbreak. We join with the parents, families and friends of those students in praying for their safety and wellbeing as the country and the world deal with this health crisis.

The NDC calls on the Government of Grenada for a more comprehensive report to the nation regarding what is being done to ensure the safety of our students in China.

A vague claim by Minister Norland Cox that the students are safe will not do, because the nation is aware that some of our students are in the midst of the viral outbreak. Their families and the nation would like a clearer explanation of what protocols are in place to ensure that our students are as safe as possible and that their basic needs are being met as far as is possible under the circumstances.


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Statement From The National Democratic Congress