More than 1,000 small earthquakes recorded at Kick ’em Jenny

by Linda Straker

  • NaDMA advised about build-up of activity at submarine volcano
  • Between 5-12 June, there were 1,384 earthquakes
  • Yellow code means the volcano is restless

More than 1,000 small earthquakes occurred at the Kick ’em Jenny submarine volcano last week. This has caused the National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA) to issue an advisory reminding marine traffic and communities within proximity about the build-up of activity.

Located between Carriacou and Grenada, the submarine volcano has been on YELLOW code for years, but sporadically it will be active with more than normal activities. It is an active submarine volcano or seamount on the Caribbean Sea floor located 8 kilometres north of Grenada.

“For the months of April and May there were only 29 earthquakes with a magnitude between 1.6 and 2.0, but for the period 5-12 June, there were 1,384 earthquakes with a magnitude as high as 1.8. That was a significant amount for that short period,” said Oslyn Crosby, NaDMA Communications Officer.

Activities have since reduced, but there is continuous monitoring of the volcano which is at the YELLOW level warning. Under the colour ranking guide, there are 4 colours, with yellow meaning that the volcano is restless. “Seismicity and/or fumarolic activity are above the historical level or other unusual activity has been observed or can be expected without warning.”

Green means that the volcano is quiet with no other unusual activity detected. Orange means that there is an elevated level of seismic and/or fumarolic activity or other unusual activity. The eruption may begin with less than 24 hours’ notice. The highest colour level is red which means that an eruption is in progress or may begin without further warning.

“The alert level remains at yellow with a 1.5 kilometre exclusion zone around the summit of the volcano. However, with the increased activity, the agency encourages marine operators to be vigilant when traversing the area, as increased seismic activity also results in the emission of gases, which can reduce the density of the water around the summit,” said the release which reminded users of the marine space that the exclusion zone of 1.5 kilometres must continue to be observed.

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