Money stolen from Tobias Clement’s office in Parliament building

by Linda Straker

  • Money stolen from Tobias Clement’s secretary by cleaners
  • Secretary’s office space is in open lobby area
  • Money also stolen from a security officer

Opposition Leader, Tobias Clement, believes that the police should press charges on the 2 young men who admitted to stealing money from his secretary while her bag was in his office in the parliament building.

“The money was stolen on Friday and we have now learnt who are the culprits,” said Clement. Since taking up the post of Leader of the Opposition in April, he has expressed concern about the accommodation for his secretary in the parliament building. “Her office is in the open lobby area of the Parliament building, so she has to leave her bag in my office area. She left the bag there and because no one was in my office, the money was stolen by 2 young men who work for the cleaning company assigned to clean parliament,” he said. “They were caught on camera and when police picked them up, they confessed to committing the act. The owner of the company has agreed to repay the EC$700 to my secretary.”

Clement disclosed that money was also stolen from a security officer who had left his bag in the safe area for security officers’ personal items while on duty at the parliament building.

“Now you see why I am concerned about my secretary having her space in the open lobby area. She needs her own private office space. I don’t think it is right for the police to not press charges because the owner of the money has agreed to repay. These guys committed a criminal offence and should face the consequences,” he said.

He questioned the type of background checks which are done for the workers of the cleaning company. “It’s quite obvious that this company which was hired by the Ministry of Works is not vetting staff.” He is calling for the Ministry of Works in conjunction with Parliament to provide his secretary with better accommodation. “She had to leave her bag, and this provided an opportunity. She needs better accommodation,” he said.

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