Ministry of Health quarantines 3 Italian nationals

Swift action by Grenadian health officials and immigration officers at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) on Wednesday night, resulted in the quarantine of 3 Italian nationals who arrived on an international flight.

The 3, who had left Italy 2 days prior, were considered persons of interest to the Ministry of Health (MOH) surveillance and monitoring teams, which immediately screened, interviewed and isolated the visitors from the general population at the airport’s arrival terminal.

During the process, medical experts conducted an extensive probing interview and temperature checks, and with assistance from immigration officials, reviewed travel documents that revealed a specific travel history.

The execution of the quarantine order on the visitors is in keeping with Grenada’s efforts to prevent an outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), on the island. The ministry has also notified the Italian Consulate in Grenada.

Health authorities are also tracking travellers from Iran, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Italy, who have seen steady increases in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases.

The MOH commends all first responders for their efforts and services, and reiterates that all personnel will continue to observe the necessary protocols to ensure their personal safety.


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