Ministry of Health Meets with GHTA Stakeholders to Discuss COVID-19 Strategies

ST. George’s Grenada W.I.—March
11th, 2020- The
Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation, The
Ministry of Health, Caribbean Health and Tourism Association (CHTA) and Grenada
Hotel & Tourism Association (GHTA) met with stakeholders to discuss COVID-
19 strategies as it relates to the tourism industry.

The meeting
was held on Friday, March 6th, 2020 at the Cricket Stadium in Media
Level Room 2 and included members of hotels, restaurants, marinas, banks and
staff. Present were Chairman of the GTA, Mrs. Brenda Hood, Chairman of CHTA,
Mr. Frank Comito, CEO of the GTA, Ms. Patricia Maher, CEO of the GHTA, Ms.
Arlene Friday, Ministry of Health Spokesperson, Dr. George Mitchell and other
key representatives of the Ministry of Health and tourism community.

Mr. Comito
shared relevant regional resources that CHTA offers on its website,
as it relates to COVID-19.  These include:

  • Online resources to the  latest press releases and traveler guidance
  •  Access
    to CARPHA’s (Caribbean Public Health Association) Tourism Information Health System
    – a confidential monitoring system for hotels and allied partners
  • Access to coordination and collaboration
    information as it relates to regional governments and institutions
  • Best practice and policies to mitigate risk
    for hotel workers and allied partners
  • Free online COVID-19 training course offered by
    the World Health Organization (WHO)

Dr. Mitchell
shared the Ministry of Health’s objectives. 
These include:

  • Strategic Objective #1- Education and
    Awareness – the government is currently targeting schools and organizations to raise
    public awareness
  • Strategic Objective #2- Surveillance and
    Monitoring- the government is monitoring people traveling to Grenada from areas
    with active transmission to minimize public risk
  • Strategic Objective #3- To Build Partnerships
    with Stakeholders- the government is ensuring that constituents are fully informed
    and information is shared amongst its members
  • Strategic Objective #4- Enhancing the Health
    of the Immunocompromised- the government aims to optimize the health of the
    most vulnerable populations, which includes providing medical home visits to
    the elderly
  • Strategic Objective #5- Enhancing Education of
    the Medical Staff and Physical Facilities- the government have been training
    staff and have ordered more ventilators, respirators, and a machine to test for

The Ministry
of Health shared the latest global trends as it relates to the transmission
rates and reminded the participants that Grenada remains on High alert. As a
result, the ministry appealed to the GHTA and its constituents to remain calm
and to continue to share all pertinent information to its members and staff. For
added convenience, the Ministry of Health plans to launch an APP to assist with
easy accessibility to information and to expedite the government’s medical response.

The Ministry
of Health and CHTA offer the following recommendations:

  • Please contact the COVID-19 Helpline before
    going to the doctor if you suspect that you might have COVID-19. (538-4787 or
  • Hoteliers & Allied Tourism Partners are
    advised to register to the Tourism Information Health System if you suspect
    that one of your guests has COVID-19

The GHTA in
partnership with the Ministry of Health will continue to keep its stakeholders
informed as we manage this public health challenge and plan to host future
workshops to hotels and allied partners regarding COVID-19.  For additional information, please contact
the GHTA office at 473-444-1353.

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