Major Drug Bust In St Mark, 375 Lbs. of Marijuana Seized

Close to six hundred thousand dollars worth of marijuana was seized during an early morning joint operation on Saturday in the village of Non-Pareil by officers attached to Drug Squad and Coastguard, three individuals were arrested and are presently in police custody.

 Putting aside fear and the call for social distancing as Grenada embarked on a fight to contain the spread of the deadly global COVID-19 pandemic the officers, were acting on special intelligence subjected themselves to some six hours of guerrilla style operation in the area that included the discharge of gunshots, before accomplishing their mission, the seizure of fifteen bags of compressed marijuana. 

Sources told the Informer that the suspects, realizing they were in danger, attempted to use a decoy, dropping the drugs off in one area before attempting to take the officers on a wild chase that however did not go well, as they were out run by the Coastguard, and subsequently caught after running the boat onto the shore in the area.

 After an extensive search of the area, we were told; the drugs were discovered in the dawn, some four hundred meters from where the men were apprehended.

 The three men, believed to be two Vincentians and one Grenadian are held in custody as investigations continue into what the officers believe could be a major disruption of an organized drug ring in that area of the country.

  All three men face drug related charges including trafficking in a controlled drug that carries the possibility of life in prison if found guilty.     


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