Major breakthrough in 2012 Murder in St Mark

Law Enforcement authorities in Grenada are convinced that they have made a major breakthrough in a 2012 robbery and arson incident in the village of Non Pariel in St Mark that also resulted in the murder if a 72 year-old man.

According to information reaching the Grenada Informer two young men from the village were detained earlier this week in connection with the incident that led to the death of 72-year-old Emelio Nelson, the first detention since the incident eight years ago.

Nelson’s body was discovered close to his wrecked vehicle some three hundred meters away from his home, which was on fire at the time of the discovery.

News circulating at the time hinted that Nelson who lived alone following the death of his wife was robbed and murdered by his attackers, who in an attempt to conceal their crime were about to dispose of his body when the vehicle ran off the road.

While no official charge had been laid at the close of the day on Friday, inside sources indicated that the police is on the verge of completing their investigation and charges could be laid on the two young men now in their custody shortly.


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