M-Power 2.0 to Commence in March

Mr. Earle Williams, Project Officer at the Ministry of Youth Development

February 14th, 2020- The Ministry of Youth Development,
Sports, Culture and the Arts is putting systems in place, to roll out M-Power 2.0 in March, 2020.

The first component of the project
saw the training of 500 males within varying categories.

They included soft skills,
certified direct skills, literacy and numeracy exposure, social care,
counseling, social interactive activities, community sport, community projects
and apprenticeship placement. 

Each participant was registered under a
constituency package, where they received a stipend allowance of $700.00
monthly.  Further, they were also engaged
in quarterly motivational meetings and updates.

Participants were also exposed to CVQ training in
Computer Repairs, Property and Facilities Management, Civil Engineering,
Excavator Operations, Plumbing and General Construction.

Electrical Instillation, Plumbing, Small Engine
Repairs and Welding, also formed part of the training.

Several entities of both private and public sector,
also partnered with the M-Power
Project, to offer apprenticeship training. 

This resulted in twenty (20) participants gaining full-time employment while several others were able to
secure part-time employment.

Additionally, each participant who successfully
completed the project received a $2,400.00 grant fund.  The fund targeted participants’ engagement in
a small business initiative which was fully supported and supervised by the
Small Business Unit of the Ministry of Youth Development.

“M-Power 2.0 will now focus on National Training Agency CVQ qualifications for the participants”, said Project Officer at the Ministry of Youth Development, Mr.Earle Williams.

The M-Power Project, is a training course conceptualized to specifically target young males
aged 18-30 from ‘on-the-block’ who are unemployed.

The program
also serves as a means of empowering them to be more responsible citizens.

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