Lydon Lewis Exits As G.U.T. President

After thirty years of service to education, President of the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT) Lydon Lewis proceeded on pre-retirement leave, from Monday 20th January.

In a telephone interview, Lewis said that as he has decided to retire after thirty years as a teacher both at the primary and secondary levels of the education system and has commenced his pre-retirement leave, he has relinquished all duties and responsibilities of an executive member and as the elected President General of the Grenada Union of Teachers.

“My decision”, he indicated, “is based on the fact that I would like to see the smooth transition of power in the union and allow for necessary arrangements to be made for a successor to take his/her rightful place. I’ve spent the last seven years at the helm of the G.U.T. as president general”.

 Lewis refuted claims making the rounds that he has been offered another job by the government. He assured that there is absolutely no truth in that rumour. “There has been no conversation, no indication, no discussion and I’m just puzzled and amazed as to where this allegation may have stemmed from, there is no foundation for such an allegation”.

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