Local Fisherman Speaks Out

Local fishermen are happy they’ve been allowed to ply their profession and serve the nation once more.

The Grenada Informer was present at the hauling in of net at Duquesne in St. Marks and sought to get a feel of the mood of the fishermen. 

Some of the fishermen expressed gratitude to those in authority for granting them the opportunity, especially the fishing industry to serve the nation with their catch.

A local fisherman said he’s happy for the days allowed him to serve his customers; something he had missed for some time. He is happy for the opportunity to continue to earn an income so that he can continue to support his family in these difficult and trying times; “it’s hard but the little I earn from selling can go a very long way”.

He noted that he peddles his catch on foot while others use vehicles to get to their different destinations. “It’s not easy for me”, he said but he still gets by and is happy to please his customers once more. “It’s not easy going out there three days and believing that one can do well, there are occasions when the day proves fruitless and there are also occasions when the catch is not sufficient to sell, hence fisherman must be given more days to serve the nation”. 

He said it’s dangerous out there since the introduction of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) but believes the measures put in place by the authorities are for the safety of all the people, and hopes everyone takes into consideration the social-distancing measures and follow the right protocols for everyone’s safety.

He thanked those in authority for listening to fisher folks’ pleas and hopes in going forward the days will be extended as conditions improve.

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