Les Avocat Water System Becomes First Water System To Be Valve Regulated For This Year’s Dry Season

The National Water and Sewerage Authority
wishes to advise consumers served by the Les Avocat Water System that due to
the effects of the dry season, it has become necessary to implement a valve
regulation schedule effective Friday January 31st, 2020 UNTIL

Les Avocats serves: Berrotte, Minorca, Windsor
Forest, Apsley, Perdmontemps, Marian, St. Paul’s, Richmond Hill, Morne Jaloux,
La Borie, Hope Vale, Creighton

The interruption period: 9:00 p.m. to 5:00

Please be advised that the information
provided is solely based on the current water levels and it is expected to
change without prior notice depending on availability of supply.

The Authority continues to monitor the water
system and its capacity to meet demand and will keep affected consumers fully
aware of their supply status as information becomes available.

Affected consumers are encouraged to collect
and store water in clean covered containers prior to the interruption in
supply. They are also advised to manage their supply of 35 gallons of water,
per person, per day for a period of 3 days taking into consideration the needs
of their families and pets.

Following publication of the Саrіbbеаn
Institute for Меtеоrоlоgу аnd Нуdrоlоgу (СІМН), Drought Bulletin for January
2020; the Authority issued an early reminder to consumers about the importance
of having adequate storage.

Grenada is listed along with Аntіguа,
Ѕоuthwеѕt Веlіzе, Wеѕtеrn Сubа, Dоmіnіса, Dоmіnісаn Rерublіс, and Guаdеlоuре,
as countries being warned of potential long-term drought.

The National Water and Sewerage Authority
(NAWASA), reminds the general public of the need to develop a habit of having
adequate storage, as the country braces for what is forecasted to be an intense
dry season, one when every drop of rainfall and water counts.

NAWASA is committed to meeting the needs of
every consumer; however, individuals are also reminded of their personal
responsibility to ensure they collect and store a minimum of 35 gallons of
water, per person, per day for a three-day period, taking into consideration
the needs of their households and pets.

Current projections for the dry season bring
additional stress for consumers served by the Concord Water System along the
distribution network in Moliniere and surrounding communities already facing
water outage as a result of the land slippage in the area.

These consumers are encouraged to store at
least a one-week supply of 35 gallons of water per-person per-day. 
Affected communities include Fontenoy, Moliniere, Grand Mal, Cherry Hill, Happy
Hill, River Road through to the entire Town of St. George.

The public is being reminded that drought
conditions can have significant impact on our water system’s ability to provide
an adequate and reliable water supply to all serving consumers.  NAWASA’s
storage capacity for both raw and treated water is among areas to receive
attention with the implementation of the Authority’s new rate structure. In
addition, a number of major projects will commence in 2020 amongst them the
Green Climate Fund.

NAWASA will draw down on $125 million dollar
funding under the Green Climate Fund in 2020.Ten (10) water storage tanks will
be constructed coupled with the upgrading of the water distribution network
throughout the island. Projects will commence in July of 2020 and will be
completed in 2025.


New Dam &
Reservoir – Les Avocat
St. David & St.
New Dam &
Reservoir – Petite Etang
St. David
New Storage
Tank  and Transmission Lines – Mirabeau
St. Andrew
New Storage
Tank  in Ahoma and Line Replacement to the Town of Grenville
St. Andrew
New Storage Tank for
Chantilly, Vendomme
St. George’s
New Storage Tank and
associated pipelines in Dr. Belle, Gouyave
St. John
New Storage Tank and
associated pipelines – Mt. Craven
St. Patrick &
St. Mark
New Storage Tank and
associated pipelines in Diego Piece
St. Mark
New Storage Tank and
associated pipelines – Tufton Hall
St. Mark
New Ground Water
Programme, re-drilling and rehabilitation of existing wells
St. George
Morne Rouge Storage
St. George’s
Carriacou storage
tanks ( Top Hill, Belair and High North)

UK CIF: This $40 million dollar investment commences
in September 2020, will see significant work in the wastewater sector by
December 2021.

Project Benefitting
Expansion of Concord
Water System to the South of the island
St. John & St.
Upgrade of the
sewerage network in to the Town of St. George to incorporate Lagoon Road.
St. George

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