Is It Coincidental That In 2020 The Churches Got 19 Pieces Of Protocol To Follow For Covid-19? Why Just The Church? Or Is The Church The Main Target For This Pandemic?

It is generally accepted that the Coronavirus Covid-19 is no respecter of persons and by extension, race colour, creed or class. It is also accepted that there is no age limit or any other factor, which this unseen killer will discriminate for or against. The world’s most successful and recognized scientists and professional epidemic researchers are still trying to come up with some sort of realistic evidence to prove where and how this disease came about or was formed. 

The task of finding a vaccine is the world’s number one priority at this time. And so, while people are dying daily, the world’s economies are slowly crashing, but the human race must survive and therefore governments must open up the countries to engage in the various economic, social, educational and spiritual activities among others.

Traditionally, or more precisely, biblically, whenever any country or nation falls into a period of economic depression or even spiritual decline, which could result in a crisis or a certain level of financial instability, the very first move that this nation would make is to follow the biblical principle, which simply says in 2 Chronicle 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their lands”.  In other words, whenever a nation or nations or in this case the world is faced with a crisis, the first point of contact for effective recovery is that the nation or the world turns to God. 

 However, it seems that in this case God and his house are about the last to be placed in the picture. But not only that, the number of restrictions and pieces of protocol that have to be followed is amazing. One could be tempted to ask whether or not the target for this Covid-19 was meant to be the church or whether the powers that be are allowing the enemy to use them to ensure that people remain in bondage by making it so difficult to access the House of God. Either way, something is wrong somewhere and it needs to be addressed now. Some very serious questions need to be asked in this regard, and some pertinent answers must be forthcoming or else it might almost look as though you are saying to close down the church.  

First of all, most of the businesses that have been opened up have little or no restrictions, while the church has 19. One can easily follow the general face mask protocol and literally go anywhere in the country in any business place and do business, no problem. A special announcement was made almost a month ago telling the nation that one can now buy and use alcohol with just one restriction, which is an international one in ordinary times; do not drink in public, find a secluded place and drink all you want. One restriction! One can go to the beach for six hours daily, play any game, do whatever the general protocol allows and he is ok. Six hours, but the church gets 90 minutes, and 30 minutes to get out of the area. Let us just examine some more protocol restrictions placed on the church. One can get up and open his business place at any time during the allotted period given to that particular business, with no pre-arranged permission but the church has to apply three days before every service for permission and if any one of the protocol restrictions is broken that permission will be revoked for the entire duration of that particular lock-down period. 

Anybody including a ten or eight-year-old child or an eighty-year-old grandmother can go to the supermarket, shop, gas station, restaurant, or any other business place or the beach, park, or have access to any allowed business or activity. For the church, however, once you are under twelve years old or over seventy and or have any kind of ill-health, or have any kind of disability or are pregnant or nursing a baby, you are restricted from the church. It was taught that the church was the best place for sick people to go for prayers and healing. Jesus himself said that we should not forbid the children to come unto him. And the word of God certainly tells everyone that they should not forsake assembling with the believers.   

        The church is the only entity required to have a permit on its doors, given by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs if all the requirements are met to function.  

The capacity is restricted to 36 square feet per person with six feet on every side, all chairs and benches must be marked having hand sanitizer at the front entrance and a room for individuals showing any sign of symptoms should be very much understood. But restricting service to one day a week for 90 minutes is more than ridiculous; with the possibility of one other weekday for special service and all other church activities to be done remotely is unheard of. Why is it only the church that is required to be sanitized before, during and after every church service and the pastor has to stay twelve feet away when the restrictive protocol is six feet? Transportation arrangement must be put in place for every individual attending church and worshippers must exit the building immediately after the service as if every member has to move like a soldier in a war, while the rest of the country can take their own time to function and operate ordinarily like human beings without having to adapt to this kind of kangaroo style arrangement.

This one is really too much. Every other business or entity continues to function the same way as it relates to the handling of money. But churchgoers must put their tithes and offerings in a stationery box and must stay six feet apart from each other and their hands must be sanitized after putting their own money in the stationary box. Does that even make sense? Each person must be assigned a microphone for the duration of the service if needs be, therefore restricting multiple uses of same. A person must be assigned at every service to ensure that the protocols are followed at all times. WOW!!! Why is the church targeted for all these additional restrictions and protocols? One must admit that in light of the present pandemic, there is and no one can deny a need for every person to protect him/herself and others from this deadly virus. But come on, are you for real Mr Prime Minister and Minister for Ecclesiastical Affairs? Or is this another way of saying keep all churches closed, thus giving the devil win in this battle when the only source of help is from the Lord? One day of prayer will not do it. Please go back to the word of God and see what happened when there is a crisis, before restricting the church, or else one might be tempted to ask, Is the devil using the Government to close down the church to win this pandemic battle? 


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