Is Arson The Cause Of The Salisbury Road, House Fire?

As the police dig deeper hunting for a clues to the cause of the Salisbury road houses fire in St. Andrew one week ago, which left two houses and their contents completely destroyed and over twenty persons homeless, speculation is rife that the fire could have been caused by arson. 

According to a source, although the investigation is still ongoing and no has been detained and questioned in connection with the fire, the police are alleged to have stumbled upon some information that indicates arson as a possibility.

Investigating officers visited the scene hours after the homes were gutted, examined the rubble, taking photos of the scene, interviewed persons connected to the destroyed homes among other things as part of their investigation with the hope of getting a clue.

Informer also visited the scene and spoke directly to the owner of one of those apartments, which were destroyed in the flames.

 She said that she did not have a clue as to what could have caused the fire but the police are investigating.

She was not at home when the fire started but was at the hospital with a relative.

The information regarding her house being on fire came to her as a shock as she knew there was nothing left unattended that could have led to the tragedy and by the time she returned flames had already consumed the house and its contents.

She learned that some of the occupants of the house that were at home already asleep when the fire started were quickly pulled to safety.

Informer was on the scene shortly after the disaster ahead of investigating officers. Neighbors stood about in dismay observing the smoking ruins while more curious persons were still arriving to get a glimpse.

Two houses in close proximity to the two that were destroyed suffered both fire and water damage as one bystander explained that firefighters had been forced to turn their attention to the other houses in the neighborhood to save them rather than focus on those already engulfed.

Neighbours said that by the time firefighters arrived from the Grenville Police Station, which is a couple of minutes away, the houses were already totally engulfed and there were nothing they could have done to save anything. 

Electricity workers showed up on Tuesday morning to replace electricity lines that had been damaged by the fire so service could be restored to the area. 


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