Integrity Commission Meeting Grenadian Reporters

In an effort to promote the work of the Integrity Commission here, the media are being engaged in discussion at around this time.

It’s all part of activities surrounding Integrity Commission Week, which, among other things, highlighted an anti-corruption march through the streets of the city.

The Integrity Commission is an independent body established by what is known as the Integrity in Public Life Act, with the expressed aim of curbing and/or having matters of corruption under the microscope.

The Office of the Integrity Commission has always found time to bring the Grenadian citizenry up-to-date on the nature of its work, especially through the “the Campaign United against Corruption initiative.

This was organized to present awareness about preventing and fighting corruption.

Also, in promoting its work, the Office of the Integrity Commission, in collaboration with the commonwealth, was involved in organizing a leadership and management training programme.

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