Hurricanes/Hard Rock Waggy T Super Knockout Final

The tenth Edition of the Waggy T Super Knockout final will feature a clash between Hurricanes and RSCCU Hard Rock.

This has come about following semi-final matches on the week-end.

In case you missed it, Hard Rock overwhelmed Eagles Super Strikers five goals to nothing in the first game.

The goal-scorers were Chad Mark and Leon Braveboy in the first half in the 10th and 31st minutes respectfully and Kade Wellington in the 68th minute, Delroy Nelson in the 80th and Shavon John Brown in the 92nd.

In the much-anticipated encounter, Hurricanes ran away with victory, 2-nil against Paradise FC International.

The goals were scored one in each half…Lemoy Augustine in the 9th and Moron Phillip in the 50th. ..early goals in both intervals.

The general feeling is that Paradise FC International, fielding a young team, failed to contest with vigour and paid the price.

Motivating the players who seemed languishing after their defeat, Coach Jake Rennie told them yesterday to lift their heads up and focus on opportunities ahead.

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