Health Minister describes nurses as unsung heroes

by Linda Straker

  • International Nursing Day celebrated today, 12 May
  • Nurses exercise calling with true sacrifice, grit, and compassion
  • Government to ensure nurses are safe, protected and working conditions improve

Health Minister, Nickolas Steele, has described nurses as unsung heroes of the healthcare industry, who work in the trenches daily to ensure that all who need their service are protected.

“You have the enormous personal responsibility of caring for us, while at the same time preserving our dignity and you do so in spite of your own personal emotional turmoil or challenges. In this public health crisis, we know that you confront fear and uncertainty daily, but you still manage to work with a smile, and with diligence and grace,” he said in an address to honour 12 May, as International Nursing Day. “To our nurses, yours is a calling that you exercise with true sacrifice, grit, and compassion and every one of us has been touched by it, in one way or another, throughout our lives — maybe never more so than now.”

“We do not hear your complaints, although we are certain that you have them. We do not see your tears, but we imagine that they are there. What we hear instead, are your tireless footsteps, up and down the halls of our health facilities; your steady steps, as you walk alongside our loved ones, caring for them; and your soothing words as you bring comfort to the sick, and hope to the hopeless,” he said.

“What we see, are your capable, steady hands, and your absolutely unwavering dedication to your craft, and to your patients, in their toughest moments. In those moments, always be mindful that we all see you. We appreciate you, and we value you,” he added.

Promising that the government will continue to work on their behalf to ensure that they are safe and protected and that their working conditions improve, Steele said, “We are a long way from making it optimal, but we hope that each step we take demonstrates how committed we are to giving back to you a little of what you give us daily.” He expressed gratefulness for the kindnesses they show, and the service they deliver despite the many challenges.

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