Hats Off To The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF)

Many times, persons in mainstream media, as well as those on social media, spend much energy and time to criticize the members of the Royal Grenada Police Force for the smallest mistakes and forget that they are the ones watching over us while we sleep. They are there 24/7 to ensure that we are safe. There are times when the police would be called in by civilians that have been violated and when the police arrive on the scene, other civilians would be crying down the police for doing their job. Please don’t get me wrong, some sometimes misuse and abuse their authority and there are protocols in place to deal with those cases. But by and large, the general public seems to see the police as the enemy when in truth this is not so. 

            In recent times as frontline workers, it is believed that our officers under one of the best police chiefs we have ever had in this country, have done a magnificent job and are still doing their very best not only to ensure our safety in this period of strict lock-down with little or no movements but their level of tolerance and the use of discretion, which is used from time to time when it’s necessary to do so is just amazing and they must be commended for that. 

Police officers are humans too and in most cases, if there is proper communication with the officers, even if there might seem to be a violation of the law, once it does not impact on others and affect lives, one will be surprised how the officers’ judgement in certain circumstances could turn out to be so favourable. Such was the experience of a young man from Mt. Parnassus who was seen breaking the law, but based on proper assessment and evaluation on the part of the officers involved, the young man and his family were assisted with food and money from the RGPF.

    On Saturday 11th April at about 11 am officers attached to the Drug Squad were on mobile patrol passing through Mt. Parnassus, St. George. It was a business day during the curfew, and so grocery shops were open on that day. On reaching near to the building housing the Programme for Adolescent Mothers (PAM), they noticed a young man who was identified as Paul, selling kites by the side of the road. He stated that he was living with his parents and that he was the only breadwinner in the family, and so he was doing this to buy food. After consulting with OMC, he was allowed to sell his kites until 3 pm. The team recognized the plight of the family, spoke to WPC 133 Julien attached to Police Headquarters, who was at the OMC at the time, about the need to assist the family.

 On Saturday 2nd May 2020, the officers attached to the said patrol team of the Drug Squad together with WPC 133 Julien, contributed money and bought essential grocery items and delivered it to the home of Paul and his elderly parents, Alpheus and Norma, residing in Mt. Parnassus. 

The RGPF can stand out because of the action of these officers who showed that the patrols are not only to maintain law and order during this period but can identify individuals with needs within the communities and assist where necessary. Hats off to these officers.

Also, it was a heart-touching moment to see members of the RGPF praying at the grounds of the National Stadium before they started to do their work on Monday, May 4th, inspecting vehicles that day. As fate would have it, every person interviewed after the inspection day was over, was overwhelmed with the smooth and quick performance of the officers and the organized way in which it was done was second to none, even in comparison with the big international countries according to a lady who lived abroad. Once again, hats off to the RGPF and the Commissioner, who must be honoured for leading such a fine team. 

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