Grenada Records 7th Homicide For 2020

Grenada Records 7th Homicide For 2020

Police are investigating what appears to be an early morning murder of a man apparently in his late thirties. 

Kemon Charles’ body was discovered with a gunshot wound to the head.

The body was found lying on his right side dressed in a vest and blue and white shorts. He was lying in a pool of blood close to a church and a bar in Boca St. George’s.

According to the villagers, gunshots were heard around midnight on Tuesday in the area but no one saw anything.

A police press conference was held on Tuesday morning, where Superintendent of Police Vannie Curwen stated that the police received reports of a body around 6:00 am on Wednesday.

The superintendent noted that they’re currently investigating a murder and made it clear that contrary to a public rumour, there was no police involvement in the shooting. 

He went on to say reports are circulating on social media that police are the ones responsible for the shooting death of the deceased but he assured the public that the police had nothing to do with the incident. However; they’re currently investigating a possible murder committed with a gun.

He said they have already begun vigorous investigations and already have several persons in custody assisting them with investigations.

The deceased’s stepmother described him as a very nice person and said she would miss him very much. She stated that anything she asked him to do he always got it done.

She said recently they had a very nice chat and she and the rest of the family were deeply moved upon receiving the news of his death.

This killing occurred while the entire country was on under a 24-hour curfew imposed by the government in the battle against the deadly COVID-19 threat.

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