Government moving to ease the grip of COVID 19 lockdown

After some two weeks of total lockdown put in place by the Government of Grenada, aimed at stemming the spread of the deadly COVID 19 virus that has already claimed the lives of over one hundred thousand persons globally, Government on Monday announced that they are satisfied that Grenada is on the right track and would be moving to ease the grip systematically in the coming week. 

 Addressing members of the media on Monday during a live press conference done remotely via Zoom, Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Hon. Dr Keith Mitchell said having looked at all the data collected from the various testing and contract tracing, they are satisfied that Grenada has not had any community spread and therefore while the island is not yet out of the woods, they would be moving gradually to restore business activities to certain sectors of the society in the coming weeks.

Grenada up until the last COVID 19 updates delivered by the Chairperson of the COVID 19 Response Committee Dr George Mitchell, has recorded fourteen confirmed cases from ninety -two tests done on the island. From that fourteen, three were admitted to hospital requiring specialized treatment, one had left the country leaving thirteen cases on the island.

The prime minister noted that while Grenada is heading in the right direction, it’s not a time to become complacent and therefore every effort would be made to ensure that the country remains vigilant in its fight against the COVID-19 infection.

 In light of this new development, Grenadians now have a total of three shopping days instead of the two given last week, the banking sector, farmers and fisherfolk are all allowed to ply their trade.

 As it relates to the issue of public transport, the prime minister noted, this would be one of the last areas to be taken on board given the need to maintain social distancing. There is a public cry for public transportation to be made available on shopping days given the high demand for such services, however, in his address on Monday, the prime minister hinted that the risk of running into problems by not adhering to social distancing under such arrangement would be far too high. 

 Acting Commissioner of Police Edvin Martin who was also present at Monday’s conference commended the Grenadian public for what he dubbed heeding the call to remain at home, exercising social distancing and practising good hygiene, he said while there were few infractions, the majority of Grenadians understood the importance of the action taken and what was at stake and complied with law enforcement officers in the exercise of their duty.

 Meanwhile, Head of the Public Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force Superintendent Vannie Curwen, in a second briefing on Tuesday again called for patience from the public. He reminded Grenadians that they are on the right track and things could soon return to normal once the threat of COVID-19 remains under control.

Meanwhile, as Grenada moves to ease to grip on the total lockdown, the RGPF is reminding Grenadian that the curfew is still in effect, Grenadians expected on the streets are mainly essential services workers and persons out on business. 

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