Fruta Kool Kidz Pumps $20,000 Into Private Primary School Sports

The Private Primary Schools sporting events kick off on Thursday March 5th at the Kirani James Athletics Stadium as participating schools try to unseat last year’s champions, St. Mary’s Junior School.

Fruta Kool Kids, a product distributed by Geo. F. Huggins Grenada Ltd is the title sponsor for the second year, contributing $20,000.00 in sponsorship.

The championship was launched last Thursday where the events anticipated for competition on that day were outlined.

Chairman of the Grenada Private School Association Kester Elcock said in his remarks it’s a pleasure to partner with Geo. F. Huggins through its brand Fruta Kook Kids to host another private schools championship. 

The heats for the games will be held on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th February. A total of 56 events will be contested among the private primary schools. This year’s event he stated would not include the Under 7 boys and girls, since a separate event has already been held for them. The Under 7 Track and Field Championship will be a calendar event among the other six sporting disciplines, which are hosted by the Private Primary Schools Association. The events are beach football, field football, tennis, cricket, the Under 7 championship and the Fruta Cool Kids track and field championships. 

He went on to say that they value the support of the sponsors and partners who have helped to make this year’s games possible. He told the sponsors their contribution would go a long way, in the continued development of Grenada’s youth, teachers and students.   

Fruta Kool Kids Brand Manager Randy Campbell noted that Geo F. Huggins Grenada Limited in collaboration with another company out of Trinidad, has decided to partner with the organizers of the Private Primary School Games to sponsor the 2020 event.

As Huggins celebrates its 100th year of service to the Grenadian people, they have once again seen it fit to support the efforts of the Organizing Committee and by extension provide the necessary avenue for the development of the nation’s youth in the field of athletics.  

Huggins through its Kool Kids brand is happy to provide the support saying, Fruta Kool Kids continues to provide the best tasting fruit drink for the children of the tri-island state and every effort is made to keep in line with the nutrition values expected in all of its eight flavors.

Senior Coach in the Ministry of Sport Ashley Cummings noted that the Ministry of Sports is happy to be part of the event. The Ministry he said thanks the sponsors who partner to ensure that the sports happen. From the ministry’s standpoint he says, everything is in place to execute the smooth flow of the activity. 

Geo. F. Huggins, Grenada Ltd is a 100% locally owned company with 80% staff ownership, and a major contributor of Grenada’s GDP and overall economic development.  

During 100 years of service to Grenada, Huggins has played an integral role in the development in a number of sporting disciplines on island and pledges continued support in the future.

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