Foundation to help mentally ill inspired by deceased uncle

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada 

  • Tarron Lendore setting up foundation to provide care for persons with mental illness
  • Inspired by late uncle’s situation

Tarron Lendore was 19 when his uncle died last year in August after struggling with mental illness for over 20 years.

One year later, his uncle’s death has inspired Lendore to assist patients suffering from mental illness. An employee at Republic Bank (Grenada) Limited, Lendore knows all too well the challenges faced by mentally ill patients after witnessing his uncle’s tremendous suffering. He vowed that he will do all in his power to provide care, and is in the process of setting up a foundation to do just that. “I met my uncle in that state, but when I met him, he seemed like a normal person, but he was an interesting guy who always stayed inside because he never wanted people to see how he was but later on I could have seen how that affected him. He couldn’t take care of himself so his siblings would take care of him,” said Lendore.

Last weekend, Lendore and his parents provided hot meals to the homeless — some of whom also struggle with mental illness — in the Town of St George and Grand Anse.

Lendore came up with the idea with the support of his parents to start a foundation that will support patients suffering from mental illness. Another mandate of the foundation once established is to also provide support to the Mt Gay psychiatric hospital. He spoke about the process that led to his inspiration. “Seeing how my uncle was and how my family struggled with his situation, I thought that maybe we should help other people instead of them having to go through what my uncle went through. So I took up the initiative after his death to assist the mental institution so we made available hampers and provided personal aid items for the home, and we will continue to do so.”

Tarron Lendore with parents Carlton and Theresa Lendore packing lunches to be distributed

The ultimate goal of the foundation is to set up a place of refuge for those less fortunate.

“In the future, there are plans to establish a shelter where the less fortunate can come in and receive a hot meal. We raise funds by asking the business community around the St George area to help my cause and to convince them that it is for a good cause and they did by helping tremendously, which I would like to thank them for that. I also went around asking people for a donation and that was also successful,” he said.

Lendore hopes that more people will come on board to assist this noble cause to make the lives of those suffering from mental illness a bit easier.

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