Former Police office jailed for three years on Fraud related Charges

A former police constable who appeared before Senior High Court Judge Paula Gilford at the Grenada Supreme Court last Friday having pleaded guilty to a number of Fraud related charges has been sentenced to three years in prison.

 Elvin Phillip well known online car dealer who is already serving a sentence at the Richmond Hill Prison for his failure to refund his customers for failed business transactions, now has an additional three years’ jail time added to his stay at Her Majesty’s Prison.

 Hails from the village of Chantimelle in St. Patrick, Phillip who has given eighteen years of service to the Royal Grenada Police Force was accused of defrauding Grenadians thousands of dollars through his online car importation business, accepting cash, and failing to deliver on goods as promised. 

 According to Information circulating at the time, several persons among them one retired police officer would have entrusted large sums of cash into Phillip business, to have vehicles brought in to them from Japan that never materialized. It was said that some of Phillip’s victims would have gone the extra mile acquiring loans to purchase vehicles that never got to them, most, it was said, was left to service huge debts at various lending institutions from which they never benefited. 

 During last Friday’s sitting, Phillip represented by Defense Lawyer Derrick Sylvester who asked for leniency on his client’s behalf, sighting that his transgression with the law, arose out of bad business deals which he had plans to correct in due course.

 Nevertheless, with seven previous convictions before his name, Judge Gilford was bent on sending a message to potentially like-minded offenders. According to Gilford, Phillip needs to be rehabilitated in a controlled environment, where he can reflect on his wrongdoings.

The public, the judge said needs to be protected from people like Phillip, who would have used his training acquired from the police Force for the wrong purpose. 

Phillip was sentenced to three years in prison, he is to repay the sum of $9,940.00 on his release, the first payment of $2,000.00 must be paid the first working day after his release.

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