Fire Leaves Two St. Andrew’s Families Homeless

Two families of Salisbury Road in St. Andrew’s were left homeless last Monday night and when a raging fire completely destroyed their homes and all their contents.

The two buildings that were just a few feet apart were engulfed by the flames and in short order were both completely destroyed.

 One of the buildings was occupied by a family of twenty while the other, by a family of two.

The fire started in the two-family home and quickly spread to the five-bedroom house, one family member told the Informer, but the origin and the cause of the fire were still unknown.

The police visited the scene the following day and are conducting investigations into the cause of the fire. 

The owner of the five-bedroom building, Ms. Laurene Douglas told the Informer that she was not at home when the fire started but she was later contacted and told of the horrible incident, which left her in shock.

 On her arrival home the buildings were already completely destroyed by the flames. Some of the occupants of both buildings had already been asleep when the fire started but none were hurt and they were quickly moved to safety.  

Three other house in close proximity to the burning buildings received minor damage as a result of the fire.

Firefighters from Grenville rushed to the scene and attempted to put out the flames but were unsuccessful.

They were later joined by firefighters from St. George’s but their combined efforts were still unsuccessful in defeating the flames.

Ms Douglas said that a number of government officials has since visited both families and expressed their sympathy.  

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