Fake Doctor Faces 12 Counts, 30 Patients Treated

Two years after he made his grand entry into the South St George Police Station under the disguise of a police officer, the nineteen-year-old St. John resident is back in the news this time slapped with twelve counts of criminal charges linking him to impersonating a medical doctor.

 The accused Ahkim Andrew, recently released from prison after spending four months on a charge of stealing, was back in prison on Tuesday, remanded by acting Chief Magistrate Teddy St Louis after making his first appearance at the St George’s Magistrate Court on a series of new charges levelled against him.

  Andrew, represented in court by defence lawyer Jerry Edwin faces some four counts of fraud by false pretence and eight counts of practising medicine without being the holder of a medical license.

 Sources told the Grenada Informer that Andrew was recently employed as a medical aid at a medical clinic in St Andrew but lost his job after stealing a desk from his place of employment. Informer learned that it was while in prison, the police, conducting further investigation into the matter, uncovered that the desk stolen, was allegedly used to conduct private medical services.

 Informer learned that during the period, Andrew treated some thirty patients for various complaints; among them, we were told was the mother of a practising magistrate.

Sources told the Grenada Informer that Andrew conducted several medical tests on his patients including blood pressure, heart and blood sugar tests, and also issued prescription drugs. It was also noted that outside of his office services, Andrew was also involved in house visits collecting cash from his patients for services rendered.

  This newspaper learned that the lawmen caught up with Andrew during one of his health fairs in the St. Georges area last week.

 During his brief stint in court on Tuesday, the issue of bail was not debated given Andrew’s recent release from prison and the prosecution claim that they intend to include additional witnesses to prove that case as investigations into the matter continue.

 Andrew is expected to make his second court appearance on Tuesday, January 28th.

 Meanwhile speaking to members of the media outside the court on Tuesday, defence attorney Jerry Edwin described Andrew as a motivated young man who simply channels his energy in the wrong direction.

 Edwin told the media he is not convinced that the criminal justice system is the right place for Andrew to resolve his issues. He is of the view that the young man’s problem is a psychological one and would be seeking that kind of assistance as the matter moves forward within the justice system.

 His final words to the media were “this young man is not a criminal, he is misdirected and his energy has to be channelled in the right direction.” 

The prosecution has hinted to the court that they would proceed summarily on all charges. If convicted Andrew faces a maximum of ten thousand dollars fine or five years in prison or both on each count of fraud by false pretence. He is also facing the charge of practising medicine without having the requisite license to do so, and this caries a separate penalty.    

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