Emergence of illegal dumping sites concerns GSWMA

by Curlan Campbell, NOW Grenada 

  • Illegal pop-up dumping site at Savan Swayzee
  • Appeal for assistance from public to report illegal dumping and locations
  • Closure of damaged Moliniere road presenting challenge to access Perseverance landfill

Several reports have been made to the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority (GSWMA) about tons of construction waste being dumped at an illegal pop-up dumping site in the St Patrick area of Savan Swayzee, plaguing residents of that secluded area.

The discarded waste includes household appliances, vehicle tyres, broken furniture, demolition waste, discarded construction materials, bottles, and plastic bags.

An escalation of illegal dumping sites continues to pose a challenge to the GSWMA, and the authority is particularly concerned that these sites are likely to increase with the closure of the Moliniere road which is the main route to the Perseverance landfill. The Moliniere road was closed to vehicular traffic due to its rapid deterioration, however, this may pose some challenges for easy access of waste disposal trucks to get to Perseverance.

Myrna Julien, Senior Public Relations Officer (PRO) at GSWMA, indicated they will be working with the Ministry of Health to monitor such illegal activities. “Our concerns are based on the fact that the Moliniere road is now damaged and to get to the landfill requires quite a good distance especially for people who would have to travel from St David and the south of the island to get to Perseverance. Especially if it’s a heavy-duty truck, they will not be allowed to go through the Moliniere area which is a shorter distance. The longer cut will be through Grenville Vale so we are concerned with this and we are going to be on the lookout.”

Julien said it is the responsibility of waste generators to ensure that their waste is properly disposed of at the only authorised waste disposal facility in Grenada at Perseverance. “Once you know you have entrusted the responsibility in the care of a private waste hauler to take it to the landfill, we are hoping that the generators of the waste would ensure that they use the available facilities at the landfill to verify that it has been taken there and this will certainly cut down on the extent to which we see the illegal dumping happening throughout Grenada,” she said.

Earlier this year, illegal dumping in the Grand Anse Valley, Mont Tout, Mt Hartman, True Blue, and surrounding areas were also reported.

Jade James, a resident of Savan Swayzee for the past 7 years, notes that waste is continually dumped in the area where there is a sign posted, “No dumping of refuse in this area by order of the Ministry of Health.”

James said this situation is quite unfortunate since this past April a massive clean of the area was conducted with the help of the police, but a few months later, the area has returned to its (new) normal state. “It was unfortunate to come back and see that people did not take heed and continue to see Savan Swayzee as a dumping site.” James is calling for something to be down by the relevant authority, to have some form of security in the area to stop the illegal dumping.

GSWMA is appealing for assistance from the public to report illegal dumping sites around the island, to record the vehicle number, the time and where the waste was discharged, to ensure that culprits can be properly identified.

An online petition has been started by the Grenada Green Group (G3) to garner support for the enforcement of the Abatement of Litter Act 2015. The environmental group is calling for the appointment of additional litter wardens as enforcement officers who can issue penalty notices to offenders.

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