Double Impact for Grenada’s Hotel sector

Still recuperating from the loss to the tourism sector following the death of Leading Hotelier Sir Royston Hopkin who was laid to rest last Thursday, the sector is back on its knees, struck by another fatal blow, a former Hotelier Murdered at his home.

 Dead is Former Food and Beverage Manager of the Grenadian by Rex Resort Coleman Redhead. Public Relation Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force has confirmed Redhead’s death as a homicide and has since launched a full investigation.

Sources said Redhead’s lifeless body was discovered by staff members of the Grenada Yacht Club; Where Redhead was employed as the Restaurant Managing Consultant. He was found just before mid-day on Friday at his home at the Ross Point Inn in the South of the island, covered in blood.

  Informer learnt that the workers at the Yacht Club became concerned after Redhead, who attended Sir Royston’s Funeral on Thursday did not show up for work on Friday and did not call to alert his staff, neither was he answering or returning calls, something unusual for a man of his standing. 

Sources said a team of workers at the club being aware of Redhead’s medical condition, decided to go to his home to make sure that all was well, and on arrival at his home, his lifeless body was discovered.

 Inside sources told our news desk that when the discovery was made, blood was still coming from a number of wounds to Redhead upper body. It appeared sources said, that the former hotelier was beaten and stabbed by his attacker/s and left to die.

 The lawmen hinted that the motive for the killing remains unknown but sources said when Redhead’s body was found; his entire apartment appeared to have been ram sacked and left in shambles. 

 Meanwhile, up until news time on Wednesday the police were yet to make an arrest, neither was anyone in custody assisting police with their investigation. The lawmen, however, confirm that they have elevated their operation into a full search with the hope of bringing those responsible to justice. 


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