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The national colours of Grenada are red, gold and green and that is what is supposed to be displayed on the National Flag.

One particular Grenadian is upset that over the years people have replaced the gold in the flag with yellow and it seems to be accepted by everyone.

 The gentleman who came into the office of the Grenada Informer to voice his concern insists that gold and yellow are two different colours and people should be sure to represent the country in its correct colours.   

The gentleman said that red, yellow and green have become quite ubiquitous when in fact that is the colour of the Guyanese flag. He insists that its time we begin portraying our real colours as we celebrate 46 years as an independent country. “It’s time that we start flying our national colours and stop displaying the wrong colours”, the gentleman said.

He said since the country obtained independence he has not seen the real colours being flown for the independence celebration activities. He said he has seen one or two business places flying the real colours, Ciboney Chambers and TAWU buildings for example but general the yellow replaces the gold in most flags

He said this error comes from the very top as even government entities and committees display the wrong colours. “They are supposed to know what the right colours of the nation are and encourage the general population to use it.” 

According to the concerned Grenadian, it is a sad state to see the nation attaining 46 years and we cannot see our national colours being flown on the 7th of February every year. He believes that is embarrassing. 

The gentleman insisted that if we are talking about national pride, recognition of the real national colours should be part of that manifestation.

The upset gentleman hopes that the relevant powers would take note of this travesty and begin to insist that the genuine national colours are displayed concerning the flag and other displays of symbols of the nationality and independence of Grenadians.

“It is time that the true colours of the nation are displayed”.

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