Daughter Of Grenadian Sports Journalist Michael Bascombe Shot In The US

Following the story concerning Micah Basbombe, the  daughter of Grenadian sports journalist, Michael Bascombe, who was shot in the US city of Buffalo Saturday.

Micah was warded in Intensive Care in hospital, on account of the gunshot wound.

When she was shot, it’s said she was returning to her university campus after attending a party.

It’s believed that the bullet may have missed her brain, but, however, more tests are to be carried out to have an idea whether there’s any bleeding in the brain.

The general view is that Micah was hit by a stray bullet.

Word earlier today from one of her close relatives is that Micah is in good spirits.

As we speak, information coming to hand shows that Micah Bascombe remains conscious and doctors have given the thumbs up on her prognosis.

Her father indicated that it’s been a miracle and Micah is lucky to be alive.

The bullet is said to have penetrated and exited her skull, just above the left eye.

The family is said to have spent most of the morning with the detectives of the Gun Violence Unit of the Buffalo Police Department, the assistant chief of Police of the University Police Department of Buffalo State University and the Dean of Students.

Michael says thanks for the many calls and offer of support through this difficult time, including who he described as some incredible folks at the US Department of Homeland Security.



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