Crochu Man Loses Eye After Being Shot With Pellet Gun

Accused charged with maiming granted bail. 

A young man in his twenties from the village of Crochu in St Andrew’s charged with maiming was instructed by the court to relocate from Crochu to Hermitage in St Patrick’s with immediate effect.

This was one of the conditions attached to the bail he was granted.

The accused appeared before the Grenville Magistrate Court last Monday where a charge of maiming was read to him but he was not allowed to plead, as the matter is an indictable one.

The accused is alleged to have used a pellet gun to shoot his victim who is still hospitalized, in one eye and the victim is said to have lost the eye.

According to sources the incident occurred in the village of Crochu over the weekend when the victim is said to have attempted to rob the accused. A single shot was fired from a pellet gun, which struck the victim in the eye.

Attorney representing the accused, Andre Thomas asked that bail be granted to his client with conditions, indicating to the court that in spite of the seriousness of the offense; which is bailable, the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and he is not a flight risk Thomas told the court.

The prosecutor objected to bail on the grounds of the seriousness of the offense, the public interest and taking into the consideration the victim has lost the eye and was still warded at the hospital.

However, the court listening sides felt that because it was a bailable offense and the accused cannot be left incasarated and conditions could be attached to his bail. Therefore the accused was granted bail of twenty-five thousand with two sureties, he is to relocate with immediate effect, he is to surrender all his travel documents and is not permitted to travel without permission, he is to report to the Grenville Police station once a week and should not attempt to contact the complainant.

He would reappear in court at a later date. 

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