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Hope this article finds you well, in good spirits with care and concern for each other.

Are you aware that as of email dated 23 April 2020, its been literally 40 days since an official communication from the Dean of ASPS or any academic faculty administrator since the Prime Minister of Grenada requested educators and administrators on the 16th March to prepare relevant material and establish structures to work remotely?

An email dated 13 March 2020 was sent to the School of Continuing Education and School of Arts Science and Professional Studies (SASPS) inviting the faculty and staff to a meet on the 16th and 17th respectively which did not materialize.

 1. Official communication refers to the transmission of information via an established media or any meeting that can at least be substantiated by dated minutes. Can we say that there is true concern or empathy in our management?

2. SBA (School Based Assignment)/IA (Internal Assessment)

Note the situation at present:

(a) The IA/SBA at the CAPE level is a research project that requires the collection of primary data which definitely would have been impeded by the closure of school and the continued states of curfew.

(b) In light of the following :

  • Banks and financial institutions are giving financial moratoriums.
  • Central banks are slashing interest rates.
  • Governments assisting private sectors institutions with their wage bills.
  • From the table, it should be noted that the original deadlines for the submission of said SBA/IA’S ran from March 23rd to April 2nd.

As concerned stakeholders of the college and the wider society, let us evaluate the SBA/IA parameters and what is expected of the students that are supposed to produce an SBA.

Exhibit A.


Mon Mar 23, Tue Mar 24 Wed Mar 24 Thu Mar  26 Fri Mar 27 Mon Mar 30 Tue Mar 31 Wed Apr 1st Thu Apr 2 Fri Apr 3
Com  studies Ent unit 1 &2 Geog unit 1&2   History unit 1&2 Soc unit 1 &2 Cas Env  unit 1&2 Bio1&2 Lab books to be submitted Chem  unit 1-2 Physics units
    Law units 1 &2 Lit unit 1&2 Acc unit 1 Mob  unit 1 &2 Mob units 1&2   Lab book to be submitted Lab books to be submitted
      Art and design 1&2            

Taking into consideration the Prime Minister announced a 21-day limited state of emergency that went into effect at 6 pm on March 25 and further increased to a 24 hr daily curfew from 7 pm March 30th to April 6th, with few exceptions citizens were confined to their places of residence for the said period. Moreover, the Government of the land correctly enacted other regulations under the state of emergency, including cancelling all gatherings and social events, giving expanded authority to the police to close almost all businesses.

Further to the email dated April 23, 2020, which established that students have until Monday, April 27 at 11:50 pm to submit SBA/IA and that in order to get permission to submit your IA/SBA you will have to pay a late submission fee using the following option:

  1. Republic bank a/c # 102741
  2. Direct deposit a/c # 102741 (Republic bank)
  3. Transfer payment on line using FCIB # 102741

We can recognise from the table labelled exhibit A, students clearly were not allowed the TOTAL allotted time to collect and process the relevant data for the preparation of the SBA/IA as a result of the closure of school dated 13 March, limited sate of curfew, extended 24hr curfew and the continued state of emergency that has left most businesses closed to date.

A further question to the true stakeholders such as parents, college administrators, lecturers and the wider society;

How can we as a College, as per the email dated April 16, 2020, from the acting Registrar of exams establish that students will incur late fees of EC $50.00 each?

The college administration with its extended power is undoubtedly unconscionable among other things, to demand of students to pay fees for late submissions for SBA/IA to financial intuitions.

It is without a doubt that lecturers have been engaging their students albeit without any standardized platform or any formal direction from management as it relates to the delivery of courses, approach to semester dates and a standardized approach towards the potential establishment of grades.

With all this, we know all is not lost because as educators we embrace teaching as the means to touch lives forever.


As per the first official communication from the Dean of the School of Art Science and Professional Studies, in the form of a memo dated 23 March, it marks forty days (40) as of 16th March since the Prime Ministers directive to administrators to prepare. At present we are only now receiving instruction regarding the delivery of course, compilation of grades and submission of grades etc.

This in itself coins the phrase putting the cart before the horse, moreover, the known fact that lecturers have been engaging students should not give anyone the moral high ground to exact final grades especially after a 40-day miraculous hiatus of absolute non-engagement.

One of our many roles is to evaluate and to benefit from a standardized teaching and learning process even in these trying times but it should not be one where we are required to manufacture grades, further noting that school has been closed since the 13 March with the suspension of public transportation to date and no access to physical school files etc. As such this whole approach reflects pandemic management.

Who really would have given the college Administrators extended power to disenfranchise college students and family?

I am truly sorry if the message from this article may sabotage the politically correct, politically polite and, plainly speaking, the compromised but I felt obligated to constructively highlight the approach in the college.

I am speaking as a lecturer and the president of the Lecturers Association, as such I felt compelled to shine a light objectively with regards to the management approach at the TAMCC. HELP!!!

Submitted by: Adunni Johnson

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