Clouden lashes out at Government for its callous handling of COVID -19 response

One of Grenada’s most vocal Criminal Defense lawyer Anselm Clouden has once again has taken a swipe at the ruling administration for what he dubbed its callous handling of the COVID -19 Pandemic that has now reached the shores of Grenada.

 Speaking to reporters via telephone on Tuesday the veteran lawyer who once served in a capacity of Legal Advisor to the Government of Grenada on matters of maritime law said in his view, the Government has demonstrated a total disregard for the urgency that is required to effectively address the COVID- 19 situations that have already claimed the lives of thousands around the world. 

 Clouden noted that a total lockdown except essential services worker should have already been implemented in Grenada with a view of containing the spread of the virus.  “The time has come,” he said for urgent action as has been the case in the UK and New York, where legislation was put in place ordering residents to remain at home or face severe consequences.

 With thousands now dead as a result from the virus, with no known cure available, Clouden noted that while the situation might be frightening, the need to remain at home can seriously minimize its means of spreading and therefore that information needs to reach the citizens firmly and effectively. He added that while social distancing might be good, the Government needs to go one step further, by implementing that ‘stay at home’ order immediately to effectively control the spread of the virus.

 As it relates to the Airport and sea Ports, Clouden says that should be a no-no to all. He added that if there are to be no importation of the virus into Grenada all Ports should be closed without exception.  Grenada to-date has imported one case from the UK and this Clouden said is likely to continue if the Government fail to put measures in place to deal with the situation.

 Clouden attributed Grenada’s importation of the COVID -19 virus to negligence on the part of those in authority, their failure to ensure proper screening mechanism and stringent safety measures, at the country’s main port of entry. 

  Judging from the experiences of New York and Italy where the numbers moved from one to thousands within a matter of weeks, Clouden said he would not be surprised if Grenada’s number quickly escalates in a matter of days However, he is of the view that if this happens, it would be a sad day for Grenada since we cannot deal with that situation. It is for this reason, Clouden said, Grenada needs to take the proactive approach, to act now, in the interest of saving lives than having to regret later. He, therefore, calls for an immediate stay at home order, to be put in place by the Government, except essential services workers.

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