Close Call For Passengers Following Engine Problem

Reports reaching us indicate that a Jet Blue flight found itself in problems down at the Maurice Bishop International Airport this afternoon.

The Jet Blue flight bound for New York was forced to return to the airport shortly after take-off.

We are told that speeding up the runway, one of the engines blew, at the point the plane elevated into the air.

Passengers on board reported hearing an explosive sound but were not fully aware what it was.

Individuals on the tarmac are said to have gotten a good glimpse of the plane in distress, but not sure whether the engine was on fire.

We understand that the plane circled dumping fuel and landed back at the Airport safely.

Emergency fire department officials rushed to attend to the situation, while at the same time evacuating passengers.

All passengers disembarked safely.

We understand that Airport authorities immediately invoked emergency protocols and the operations went into shut-down mode.

The incident is being investigated.

One of the passengers describes the incident as a “close call”.

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